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Featured Article / Review
Striking - Tsuki waza

Striking - Tsuki Waza

All striking postures step out Strikes described and listed below are performed in Kihon [basics] with the specified stance with the left foot and into Tsuki no Kamae (Striking Posture), aside exceptions, and proceed with their listed technique.

Very few of these branches had seen the original sprout however all did come from the same seed and are capable of producing fruit, new and different branches and even new trees. Some of the trees will not fall far from the ground whereas others may take up root far away in another land. Some will spread additional fruit and others will return to the Earth never reproducing; and some branches will become a major branch receiving a different part of the sunlight and producing a different flavour fruit.

All in all we must remember we came from the same seed, share the same original roots and need to nourish our seedlings and grow new branches. We must teach and spread in the correct manner to remain a healthy tree. And we must respect our roots and our seniors who taught us the same manner. jp williams-1999

"Shuha Rei" is the respectful gesture of teaching modified methods, instilling personal or regional ideas, experimenting with new techniques according to science available in your particular time period, creating a new branch while changing it to fit your needs and criteria in your particular art.

Names listed in this genealogy are not necessarily listed by rank, seniority or extended verified training and may be in no particular order whatsoever. Genealogies under this listing should be verified. There may be students included in this lineage chart whom are no longer with the Sensei of which they are listed under.
Originally compilations by Rob Monaco
Edited & updated by Gojuryu.net Editors

Chojun Miyagi
|_Seiko Kina
|__Yoshio Itokazu_____Shiji Mizokami
| | (Osaka)
| |
|__Choyu Kiyuna_____|__Minoru Yamada
| (Osaka)
|__Jinsei Kamiya
|__Seijin Nakamoto
|__Kanki Izumikawa
| (Sengukan)
|__Kimo Wall
|__Gilberto Mercado
|__Jim Hunter
|__Paul Gehring
|__Al Doughty
|__Giles Hopkins
|__Mike Piscitello
|__John Jackson
|__Chuck Brotman
|__Bo Day
|__Don Hastings
|__Stuart Fowler
|__Sherri Fowler
|__Vicki Farmer
|__Pedro J. Soler
| (Puerto Rico)
|__Akemi Niwano
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