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Featured Article / Review
Interview with Teruo Chinen

By Dong Tran

This interview with Chinen Sensei took place at the Jundo-Kan International's Spring Gasshuku on Sunday, May 31, 1997, in Montclair, New Jersey.

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4 Mysteries
About Masters, Mastery, Karate, and Goju

A Crash Course At The College of Hard Knocks
A Crash Course At The College of Hard Knocks
Article originally published by Blackbelt Magazine USA
Experimental karate campus grades by the lump system

"When I first came here, I was fighting from a different stance, standing open and was kicked in the groin a few times. And I went down, but I learned to be ready the hard way."

"In the universities, they don't pull their punches. You do a technique and they sort of run onto it and it escalates until it becomes ridiculous. But here, they're very kind. All you have to do is ask and someone will show you something."

"Coming here from another country, it's a wonderful thing because in Central America I had only one instructor, who, like any other sensei, has his defects. But here, I have very good instructors not only one, but several."

Conflict of Budo and Sport; Goshi Yamaguchi

Conflict of Budo and Sport; Goshi Yamaguchi

October 1998

The development of Karate-do is seen not only in Japan but also widely throughout the world. Today there are over 164 countries affiliated with the (World Karate Federation). Each country is working their best so that Karate will  become an Olympic sport. In 1985 Karate was once recognized as an Olympic sport by the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee). However this was cancelled because of the existence of two federations I.A.K.A. (International Amateur Karate Federation) and W.U.K.O. (World Union of Karate Federations). In 1991 the I.O.C International Olympic Committee demanded those two federations join and in 1993 they united as W.K.F. World Karate Federation.

The development of Karate do is seen in many events; after this unification.  In 1994 there was an "All Asian Competition" hosted at Hiroshima, Japan. This year there is going to be another competition hosted in Thailand. The Federation couldn’t make Karate become an Olympic sport in time for the Sydney Olympic Games, however there are still negotiations for Karate to become an Olympic sport for the 2008 games. Meanwhile, For the 2004 Olympic Games to be held in Osaka Japan, Karate is proposed as the host game.

Goal Setting for Karate Students
As the new year approaches, let’s keep in mind that this is an excellent time to set our personal progress goals for 2006.

Setting goals in karate has some unique challenges in that the benefits of karate training come from gradual progress over many years and not from isolated accomplishments. While it may be tempting to set goals such as “grade advancement” this can actually work against you. Karate schools tend to experience tremendous drop-out rates after students achieve black belt, for example, because of the emphasis placed on achieving that rank.

Interview with a Fuchow Master
Interview with a Fuchow Master

by Steve Cunningham

I was able to see Master Chen yesterday. It may have been the last time. He is going home this week. His granddaughter will remain. She speaks Fuchow-hua, but lacks her grandfather's other knowledge.

Interview with a Fuchow Master by Steve Cunningham
Interview with a Fuchow Master
by Steve Cunningham

I was able to see Master Chen yesterday. It may have been the last time. He is going home this week. His granddaughter will remain. She speaks Fuchow-hua, but lacks her grandfather's other knowledge.

K.I.C.K. Program
by Rosey Grier

  • A Karatedo instructor passes on a winning philosophy in addition to winning moves

    Sensei Vassie Naidoo likens life to an empty glass that we fill with experiences and knowledge. In Vassie Sensei's case, that glass was first filled by a heroic karate instructor in his native South Africa. In essence, Vassie Sensei is a hero to others because he had a hero.

    Vassie Sensei is the chief instructor and chief executive officer of the nonprofit organization Karatedo for Inner-City Kids (or K.I.C.K.) in Santa Monica, California, which he started eight years ago to introduce at-risk children and young adults to the Gorju-ryu style of Karate. Vassie Sensei's hero was Sensei Leo Lipinski, who defied the police and welcomed kids of all races into his karate studio during the time of apartheid in South Africa.

  • Kata as an Esoteric Exercise by Gary Gabelhouse
    Kata as an Esoteric Exercise
    by Gary Gabelhouse

    It was hot that July in Nishinomiya as I hopped from dojo to dojo—training Japanese Gojuryu. My improvised gi bag—a heavy plastic bag—would often leak on the trains from Osaka and Kyoto to Nishinomiya, and puddles of sweat would issue from the super-saturated gi, and actually flow as a creek down the floor of the train......

    Kime - Separating Karate from Dance
    What is it that makes karate more than just choreographed movement?

    There is an intensity to karate practice and performance that is sometimes difficult to precisely identify, but that you simply “feel” when watching someone perform. This is an observation of Kime (pronounced “ki-meh”), a Japanese word that describes the coordinated focus at the completion of an action.

    Leichtenstein seminar with Tasaki Shuji
    It was magnificent.....

    Tasaki 8th dan, Fujiwara 8th dan and Lipinski 8th dan
    Goju ryu Kumite Seminar
    Triesen, Liechtenstein
    September 23/24/25 2005
    By Bob Davies and Daren Hone

    When we found out that there was to be a Kumite seminar with Shuji Tasaki we were delighted. A masterclass with one of the the world’s best if not the best Goju Ryu Kumite practitioners and teachers, was an opportunity not to be missed. The seminar was to be in Triesen, in Liechtenstein of all places. The seminar could have been in Timbuctoo, we would still have got there.

    On Giri: Loyalty

    On-Giri: Loyalty

    In Japanese Martial arts, there is a concept known as giri, which implies "loyalty" or "obligation". This idea is understood and practiced widely in Japan, but not so in the West ... for reasons which will become obvious later in this article.

    In Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate-do, the dojo is usually at the sensei’s home, as the island was not rich and training space was limited. So most of the training was done either in the house, or in the yard. Classes were small, and students were hand-picked by the instructor......

    Article written by Starling Shihan, IKGA Vice President for Oceania.

    Pirates of the Martial Arts
    Martial Arts Pirates

    By Marc MacYoung, edited for Gojuryu.net. Marc MacYoung is a Colorado based writer, lecturer & international instructor of personal safety and self-defense to the public with a focus on making martial art street effective and teaching knife-work to martial artists, defensive tactics to law enforcement and military. When we read Marc's article of Pirates of Martial Arts, we knew we had to get permission to bring it to the multi-pirated world of Gojuryu Karatedo.

    Question of Rank: Part 1
    Part 1 - The Question of Rank
    By Sean Wong, Markham Ontario Canada
    Originally published to the Markham Meibukai Karate Dojo Website

    Question of Rank: Part 2 - Is Rank Important?
    Part 2 - The Question of Rank - Is Rank Important?
    By Sean Wong, Markham Ontario Canada
    Originally published to the Markham Meibukai Karate Dojo Website

    Sanchin and Kiko Training
    Sanchin and Kiko Training
    by Ryan Parker

    In the past I have made references to the Kiko training associated with the practice of Sanchin kata. A number of people have asked me to describe this training so this is an attempt to do so. There are numerous different forms of Sanchin kata. The one that I will be describing is a Ju or soft version. There are also Go or hard versions that involve dynamic tension. I'll touch upon the dynamic tension versions towards the end of this article.



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    We do more than one version
    We do more than one version
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