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Featured Article / Review
K.I.C.K. Program
by Rosey Grier

  • A Karatedo instructor passes on a winning philosophy in addition to winning moves

    Sensei Vassie Naidoo likens life to an empty glass that we fill with experiences and knowledge. In Vassie Sensei's case, that glass was first filled by a heroic karate instructor in his native South Africa. In essence, Vass...... full article
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    剛柔流 Bibliography

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    We would also like to note our gratefulness to the following publications for their continued monthly printing of quality and enthusiastic information, which we have used as a reference to help put together this crazy puzzle:

  • 空手道 Magazine Japan
  • Asian Journal of Martial Arts USA
  • Baseball Magazine-Japan
  • Black Belt Magazine USA
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  • Geken Karatedo (Tokyo, Japan)
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  • Terry O'Niells Fighting Arts International Great Britan
  • Yamada Sanzinsoo Osaka Japan
  • Comments
    #1 jolkin
    on August 12 2009 03:14:18
    I see no mention of Hanshi Lou Angel who trained with Mr. Peter Urban and Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi. Is Mr. Angel familiar to your organization?
    #2 gojuryu
    on August 01 2010 10:53:48
    Mr. Jolkin,
    Your Sensei Mr Angel is not listed in the Bibliography because he has no major articles or books used in the research of Gojuryu.net.
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