December 2023 JKF Gojukai Newsletter P1

JKF Gojukai Newsletter (Kaihoshi) December 2023 (Japanese only)

JKF Gojukai Newsletter (Kaihoshi) December 2023 (Japanese only) All Gojuryu Network ( & SKSV ( cross-post By Johnpaul Williams – December 24, 2023 In the summer of 2023, we attended the 49th JKF Gojukai Taikai in Osaka Japan. The events and results of the convention and competition are reported in the semi-annual JKF Gojukai Newsletter which

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Changelog: V1 Gōjū-Ryū Karate-Dō Desk Reference 剛柔流空手道 参考書 Introduction & Historic Chronology 武道, 武術の歴史

Dear readers, friends, colleagues, and associates. The educational guide "Gōjū-Ryū Karate-Dō Desk Reference 剛柔流空手道 参考書" - "Volume 1: Introduction & Historic Chronology 武道, 武術の歴史," has received a vast update and is now in the 3rd Edition. This posted CHANGELOG from the previous edition includes names, translations, and references as well

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