Karate certificates for Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo in Silicon Valley

Seiwakai Karate Silicon Valley Q4 2024 message

Cross posted via email (club specific links included) Welcome and welcome back [caption id="attachment_1557" align="alignright" width="211"] Silicon Valley Gōjūkan dba SEIWAKAI KARATE SILICON VALLEY per JKF Gōjūkai registration[/caption] To our new members, a warm welcome to our group. We typically send out informational messages to the club and affiliates at

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Senshu Koen Park located in Akita City, Japan, built at Kubota-jo Castle, former castle of the Satake clan, the feudal lords of Akita

The Japan training expedition – it’s not a vacation

Preparing for Your Summer Budo Gasshuku in Japan: A Guide for Participants Many Sensei and instructors have undoubtedly prepared their students for summer budo (Karatedō, judo, kendo, etc.) Gasshuku, but sometimes, written instructions can be invaluable. Some portions of this memo may be familiar to those who have access to

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Gojuryu.net Do-gi comparison chart

Big Karate Kata do-gi review

Do-gi Review for 10 Kata Model Dogi from 8 Brands Before my trip to Japan in August 2023, I decided to undertake the task of reviewing 10 Kata model dogi from 8 different brands. As someone who stands at 6'3" (190.5 cm) tall, finding the right-sized dogi is crucial, especially

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Required JKF kumite gear as of 2022

Return to Japan 2023 Week TWO

Continued from Return to Japan 2023 Week ONE August 16th, 2023 - Wednesday: Travel and Rest. Today marked a travel and rest day, although I use the term "rest" loosely. After a final breakfast at the hotel canteen, we boarded the Shinkansen to Tōkyō 東京 at 09:50 am. Despite Ōmagari 大曲市

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Vassie Naidoo Shihan (LA) Alexandra Alan (MP) Takahashi Satoru, Johnpaul Williams, Shiho Azuma Williams and Sanjit Mandal. USA representatives with Takahashi Shihan in Japan

Return to Japan 2023 Week ONE

August 7th, 2023 - Monday: En Route to Narita Airport. As I begin this first entry, I find myself mid-flight on Japan Airlines, en route to Narita Airport. Despite some minor turbulence causing the plane to sway gently, I'm pleasantly surprised by the unwavering performance of the satellite internet connection

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Group joint training with Tri-Valley Pleasanton Seiwakai Karate

Calendar updates

I've long put off posting a club calendar because there simply wasn't an efficient app that was easily updateable, so I apologize for not just making a Google sheet sooner and posting for everyone, so here we go. I'll also cross post this to the "Schedule & Calendar" so it

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2023 July update + clarified grading requirements

August 2023: As summer ends, we again leave for Japan for our annual Seiwakai training in Akita and the JKF Gōjūkai taikai (convention), in Osaka. I'll make photos available and share them through the website (Gojuryu.net) as well as our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bayareakarate). Our special guests this year at our

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June to August 2023 Training Schedule and Enrollment

  The Menlo Park recreation registration page has been updated with a much better flow and experience. To assist with finding the registration links, visit the links below! Beginners training - Mondays at 5:45 pm. Beginners training - Wednesdays at 5:45 pm. Experienced training - Mondays at 7:00 pm. Experienced training

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DUROLANE® Karate Knees

This will be an ongoing blog post to track the efficiency of my knees. November 2022 - So after years of abusing my legs and knees, last November during a dinner after a karate seminar in Los Angeles, I was called to receive   certificate that I tested for a few

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Never trust the mirror and always trust the video

When practicing Karatedō, training your kata, kihon or kumite techniques at home, using a mirror as a training aid, the image reflected back to the practitioner is deceptive because the image "travels" with their perception. This can make it difficult to identify and correct mistakes in technique and precision, as

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Akita newspaper featuring karate from 2001

説明が必要な不正確な日本の新聞 Inaccurate Japanese newspaper reporting

説明が必要な不正確な日本の新聞 Inaccurate Japanese newspaper reporting 私は長年、このことについて書こうと考えてきました。しかし、私は謙虚でいることを選びました。日本の友人からtwitterで説明を求めるメッセージを受け取ったので、今、これを変えなければならない。 2001年の夏、7月28日(土)に行われた合宿で、大曲大仙市の地元新聞社から港沢支局の取材がありました。 その記事は、私が "米国人のジョンポール・ウィリアムズさん色は「子供のころはルワワだった、空手と出会い "はなくなったが、二段昇段試験を 控えて少し緊張している、きっと大丈夫だ」と言った "と引用しています。 決して私が言ったことではない。実際、私が言ったこととは正反対だ。私は具体的に、"子供の頃、いくつかの里親の家にいて、いつでもどこでも空手に戻った。"その後、常設の道場を見つけ、デアンザ・カレッジの刑事司法訓練課程に入る前に、トラブルに巻き込まれないためにポリス・キャデッツ(ジュニア・ポリス・オフィス・プログラム)に参加した。さらに、"私の道場ではすでに三段で、ここでの二段の試験もそれほど緊張していません "と続けた。 この新聞は完全に間違っており、今でも私はその記事を非常に不快に思っています。しかも、その記事は私たちの主催する道場、館長の藤原先生、そしてすべてのアメリカ人に対して不快感を与えるものだった。私の意見では、新聞社か翻訳者のどちらかが露骨な人種差別主義者か、悪意を持って嘘をつきたかったかのどちらかであると思います。私はまだ、正式で公的な謝罪を待っているところです。 I have thought of writing about this for many years. Instead, I choose to remain humble. I have to change this now after receiving a message on twitter from a friend in Japan asking for clarification.

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Karate Visitors week! March 2023

Visitors week is next week, March 6th and 8th 2023. We'll have several guests popping in through the month of March especially next week. They include long time players on travel, local beginners and visiting dojo. All the visitors will be messaged explaining that: Training in Menlo Park is every

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Training registration: March – June 2023

Due to a technical issue, the Beginners Traditional Karate classes may be listed under “adult sports” and Experienced Traditional Karate classes may be listed under “adult classes” on Menlo Park Recreation's egovlink.com registration page. To simplify finding the registration we have sourced the registration pages listing them below. Beginners training

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The best style of Karate for you is….

The best style of Karate for you depends on your location, your personal goals and preferences. When shopping for a home the 1st rule is location location location and the same applies to searching for a karate club or dojo.A reasonable distance is a must and 50 miles is simply

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Karate can make you a better person!

Karate, as a Budo, can help individuals become better versions of themselves in a number of ways: Discipline and focus: Karate training requires discipline and focus, which can help individuals develop self-control and the ability to stay focused on a task. Physical fitness: Karate training is a form of physical

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