January 2023 SKSV News & Updates

Welcome back family and friends of SKSV and for those just beginning, welcome!
The last few years have been… interesting but we persevered. We did it because we are Budo-ka and that’s what we do; we endure, and we thrive. Thank you for sticking through with training and apologies ahead of time as it is already getting tougher, and you will become stronger mentally and physically as a result. 
Stanford / Menlo Park Registration
Registration for this season were finally identified in the Menlo Park Registration page, and we assembled a blog post on (Gojuryu.net – https://wp.me/pbPfgt-jc) with registration links which includes: 
SKSV WhatApp

If you haven’t already, please join the SKSV WhatsApp group – Please send a request for the invite link. There, many club participants chime in with questions and answers. This is for club members only and / or parents and longtime supporters.

Beginners Review
Beginners class participants, please also take time over the holiday break to review your first three kata:
  1. Fukyu Kata dai Ichi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ7d595lKio
  2. Gekisai dai Ichi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDCQUX3R0l8
    1. – (and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML_3tjIShM8)
  3. Gekisai dai Ni – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7FafG3rsYE
Beginners Karate Uniform (Dō-gi)
If you are looking to purchase a dogi (uniform) or belt, our friends from Southern California “KI international” carry the standard “orange label” dō-gi found here – https://www.kiintl.com/1/product.php?productid=16212&cat=254. The Dō-gi are also carried locally at Nichi Bei Bussan (140 Jackson St. next door to our annex training facility) in Japantown San Jose.
Social Media and Online
With the rise and fall of social media, we maintain a presence in various formats. Please let us know if you have recommendations beyond the following:
Beginners Guide and Vocabulary
Please visit the following link for the beginners’ guide for training. We will have another stack for class through the remainder of January training – Please send a request for the link.
JKF Gojukai Newsletter
Our Japan Headquarter parent organization, the Japan Karate-Dō Federation (JKF) Gōjū-Kai 全日本空手道連盟剛柔会 produces a newsletter two times a year. Many organizations don’t disseminate information on a regular basis and we are fortunate our group is so well connected to the Ministry of Education Japan, the Japan Karate-do Federation and the World Karate Federation. You can visit the December blog for the full document and converted JPG’s (images) at – https://wp.me/pbPfgt-jy.
2022 Photo Recap
Again, seems the camera was rolling a lot more in 2022 so many of the video and photos were gathered into one folder and sent in last month’s December letter. Please send a request for the link (there are a lot).
See everyone soon.