May has past to June at last

For all ‘experienced’ class participants and team members near and far (North Nor-Cal and interstate), June is here and you should now have a firm grasp of:

  • Shimabukuro no Sai dai ichi
  • Nanahon Kumite and
  • Oyo Ido
  • Anan kata

We will continue to advance through the coming months with:

  • Shimabukuro no Sai dai ni
  • Gohon Kumite and
  • Neko Ashi dachi Ido and
  • Possibly two (2) introductory bojutsu kata.

Everyone participating in the Japan events of 2022 should have the exercises and Karate+do kata fine-tuned before Japan seminar participation and grading. During major seminars you are being observed for grading. Our demeanor, tenacity, focus, endurance, technique, rei (respect) and character are being monitored during these seminars and applies to your final grade. Again, the goal of the entire ‘experienced‘ group is to have a grasp of the following by early November (performed at your grade level) before general grading.

  • Sai Kata jutsu –
    • Shimabukuro no Sai dai ichi
    • Shimabukuro no Sai dai ni
    • Kyan no Sai
  • Yakusoku Kumite –
    • Yakusoku Kumite dai ichi
    • Yakusoku Kumite dai ni
    • Gekisai Renzoku
    • Nanahon Kumite
    • Gohon Kumite
  • Kihon Ido (basics with movements) –
    • Kihon Ido ichi
    • Gekisai Oyo
    • Oyo Ido
    • Neko Ashi dachi Ido
  • Kata
    • Fukyu Kata dai ichi
    • Sanchin
    • Gekisai dai ichi
    • Gekisai dai ni
    • Niseishi
    • Saifa
    • Seiunchin
    • Pachu
    • Sanseiru
    • Shisochin
    • Senpai
    • Seisan
    • Anan
    • Tensho

Warmest wishes,

Johnpaul Williams

Seiwakai Karate Silicon Valley