We are one – We are Seiwakai

My friends in Budo and Seiwakai International (Group) family.

We are one. The mental and physical strengths afforded to us in our #Karatedo training bond us and we will survive. Through the struggles of our current world situation we can and will thrive in the future. This is our time to stand up. This is our time to show courage. This is our time to exercise tenacity and rise above.

Although these times will be hard on dojo and families, I urge you to pursue or host online training with your clubs via your preferred video conferencing. This can assist in staying motivated and keeping athletes, your clubs or dojo active. Please then share this resource with your fellow Seiwakai dojo. “Shelter in place,” has its advantages to explore our personal training. Take this time to complete administrative work, marketing, necessary courses, recovery plans, teaching curriculum or rebranding.

When economies have recovered Seiwakai will continue to grow. During this downtime connect and speak with your students, your teachers, your training partners and family both near and distant. Lending a supporting voice in a time when you cannot lend a helping hand can make a world of difference between failure and success.

Our future: 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the #Seiwakai family. During the time of recovery, please prepare yourselves and plan on coming together again to celebrate accomplishments and future goals. The fighting spirit of Leo K Lipinski Hanshi and our founder Tsuji Tasaki #Hanshi shall persevere.

Remember, none of us are stronger than all of us together. We are Seiwakai and #WeAreOne

Johnpaul Williams
Seiwakai Karate of Silicon Valley 剛柔流 空手道 誠和会-国際
(#SKSV is an IRS & CA-FTB registered #NPO)
President & Senior Instructor
(408) 430-3828
[email protected]