Senshu Koen Park located in Akita City, Japan, built at Kubota-jo Castle, former castle of the Satake clan, the feudal lords of Akita

The Japan training expedition – it’s not a vacation

Preparing for Your Summer Budo Gasshuku in Japan: A Guide for Participants Many Sensei and instructors have undoubtedly prepared their students for summer budo (Karatedō, judo, kendo, etc.) Gasshuku, but sometimes, written instructions can be invaluable. Some portions of this memo may be familiar to those who have access to

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September 26th – Karate at the Beach

The 25th anniversary of Gojuryu Karate Beach Training is re-scheduled for September 26th! (Unfortunately, the air quality index reports for the original date of September 12th were double that of Sept 11th instead of  the projected 1/2, therefor, our Karate event at Montera State Beach is rescheduled to September 26th) From the roots

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Karate Training under the big tree!

From the roots to the fruits and back again, this Saturday August 15th we'll have training under the big tree, beginning at 11:00 am, next to the Cupertino Senior Center in the park across the street from the entrance of De Anza College. The standard participation fee applies. The GPS

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