Cobra Kai is back and proves they have good guys!

The Cobra Kai series has been absorbed by Netflix and is reaching all new highs after originally having been produced for YouTubeTV.

Photo of Shihan Vassie Naidoo and William Zabka at the Seiwakai Goju-Ryu Karate Dojo in Santa Monica California.

Season 3 was due to release in the spring of 2020 however with the Covid epidemic upon us, the new season was delayed. While cast members continue tight lipped, insiders have hinted that some season 3 filming was completed in Okinawa and both real Gojuryu Karate and real Tang So Do are coming to the show.

Perhaps William Zebka, previously with the Cobra Kai, will find his way to Miyagi-do Karate in season 4 and study Goju Ryu… anything can happen! 😉