Karate Sensei - Leading the dojo

Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō

Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō All Gojuryu Network (www.gojuryu.network) & SKSV (Gojuryu.net) cross-post By Johnpaul Williams - Feb 13, 2024 Introduction "At our club in the 1990s, I wasn't the 'King of the Dōjō'—that was a tacit moniker reserved for our Shihan (Sensei). I was the Big Man on Campus (BMOC)

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Senshu Koen Park located in Akita City, Japan, built at Kubota-jo Castle, former castle of the Satake clan, the feudal lords of Akita

The Japan training expedition – it’s not a vacation

Preparing for Your Summer Budo Gasshuku in Japan: A Guide for Participants All Gojuryu Network (www.gojuryu.network) & SKSV (Gojuryu.net) cross-post By Johnpaul Williams – August 31, 2023 Many Sensei and instructors have undoubtedly prepared their students for summer budo (Karatedō, judo, kendo, etc.) Gasshuku, but sometimes, written instructions can be invaluable. Some portions of

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Japan’s 99th Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga 菅 義偉 is 2nd Dan Gojuryu Karatedo 空手

The original article - https://www.karatedo.co.jp/news/20200916/19124.html Yoshihide Suga holds a 2nd Dan Gojuryu Karatedo and is the President of the Parliamentary Federation for the promotion of Karate-do. He became the 99th Prime Minister on September 16th 2020. On Wednesday, September 16, Yoshihide Suga, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party, was

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