Karate Sensei - Leading the dojo

Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō

Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō All Gojuryu Network (www.gojuryu.network) & SKSV (Gojuryu.net) cross-post By Johnpaul Williams - Feb 13, 2024 Introduction "At our club in the 1990s, I wasn't the 'King of the Dōjō'—that was a tacit moniker reserved for our Shihan (Sensei). I was the Big Man on Campus (BMOC)

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Menlo Park Recreation registration

Return to training 2024

Return to training 2024 By Johnpaul Williams – January 11, 2024 Welcome back to training and again Happy New Year! If you hadn't seen the previous Happy New Year message, it is posted at - https://gojuryu.net/2024/01/03/2024-new-year-wishes/ We have returned to training however just as fast as it started, please remember that there

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Johnpaul Williams receives his Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo Kyoshi (advanced teachers license).

2024 New Year Wishes

2024 New Year Wishes All Gojuryu Network (www.gojuryu.network) & SKSV (Gojuryu.net) cross-post By Johnpaul Williams – January 3, 2024 Dear Members, Families, and Friends of Seiwakai Karate Silicon Valley, [caption id="attachment_1689" align="alignright" width="300"] Vassie Naidoo Shihan (LA) Alexandra Alan (MP) Takahashi Satoru (JP), Johnpaul Williams (MP), Shiho Azuma Williams (MP) and Sanjit Mandal (TV). USA

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Karate certificates for Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo in Silicon Valley

Seiwakai Karate Silicon Valley Q4 2024 message

Cross posted via email (club specific links included) Welcome and welcome back [caption id="attachment_1557" align="alignright" width="211"] Silicon Valley Gōjūkan dba SEIWAKAI KARATE SILICON VALLEY per JKF Gōjūkai registration[/caption] By Johnpaul Williams – September 12, 2023 To our new members, a warm welcome to our group. We typically send out informational messages to

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Martin Luther King MLK holiday

We hear that all municipal facilities are closed tomorrow due to the Martin Luther King holiday. We'll do a double check however; we believe there's no training as the Menlo Park Recreation (Arrillaga) will be closed. Please check the SKSV WhatsApp for faster updates or to chime into the conversation.

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Training postponed tonight

Unfortunately, due to our major storm (category 5) tonight, training is postponed. We will work with Arrillaga Family Recreation Center for a make up class. This includes both the 5:45 pm beginners' class and the 7:00 experienced training. Stay safe out there. JP

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January 2023 Training Schedule and Enrollment

Due to a technical issue, the Beginners Traditional Karate classes are listed under “adult sports” and Experienced Traditional Karate classes are listed under “adult classes” on Menlo Park Recreation's egovlink.com registration page. To simplify finding the registration we have sourced the registration pages listing them below. Beginners training on Mondays and

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Menlo Park Karate Registration is open for Palo Alto, Stanford, Mountain View, Redwood City & Peninsula

Registration for the Fall 2022 Traditional Karate is now open! Visit Menlo Park Recreation, click "advanced search" and type "karate" to enroll. Please contact Menlo Park recreation by phone at 650-330-2200 or Email [email protected] if you are experiencing any issues or need help navigating the online registration process. More than just

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Karate training Summer 2022!

Welcome back to summer! Last week, Wednesday June 1st, was our last day of the Spring karate training season. We've had SO MUCH progress and clear change in every participant and I'm humbled, having the opportunity to work with all of you.  Our summer training season continues next Monday and Wednesday, June

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Playing on the beach

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SwZSP7B8Ik Well a few of us still made it out to the beach for a few hours if Sanchin, Sanseiru and Saijutsu Kihon. 🙏 Goes to show that even during down times we can still have a good time 👋👋👋. Thank you for the fun in the sun and Em

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September 26th – Karate at the Beach

The 25th anniversary of Gojuryu Karate Beach Training is re-scheduled for September 26th! (Unfortunately, the air quality index reports for the original date of September 12th were double that of Sept 11th instead of  the projected 1/2, therefor, our Karate event at Montera State Beach is rescheduled to September 26th) From the roots

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Karate Training under the big tree!

From the roots to the fruits and back again, this Saturday August 15th we'll have training under the big tree, beginning at 11:00 am, next to the Cupertino Senior Center in the park across the street from the entrance of De Anza College. The standard participation fee applies. The GPS

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