Karate training Summer 2022!

Welcome back to summer!

Last week, Wednesday June 1st, was our last day of the Spring karate training season. We’ve had SO MUCH progress and clear change in every participant and I’m humbled, having the opportunity to work with all of you. 

Our summer training season continues next Monday and Wednesday, June 13th and 15th. Please refer to the links below for Menlo Park Recreation Center registration:

▷ Beginner Traditional Karatedo – Seiwakai Silicon Valley Monday & Wednesdays @5:45 pm.

▷ Experienced Traditional Karatedo – Seiwakai Silicon Valley Monday & Wednesday @7:00 pm.

We also need everyone’s input in choosing a date for SUMMER BEACH TRAINING in August and if we should move the annual location from Montara State beach to beautiful Capitola

Also please refer to the following link for other commonalities related to training.

▷ SEIWAKAI KARATE SILICON VALLEY-vocabulary (Please email JP for the password)

▷ www.GOJURYU.net where this email will also post to the blog.

▷ Our ZOOM channel for club members who cannot attend in person. (Please email JP for the password)

▷ “KI International”  to purchase a Do-gi (uniform), 

The Do-gi are also carried locally at Nichi Bei Bussan (140 Jackson St. next door to our annex training facility) in Japantown San Jose. 

For those already participating in the beginners program, it’s also time for competitive training and that means, it’s time to build your bogu bag. Bōgu 防具 means ‘armor’ however in our modern day it is simply protective equipment. It’s most economical to start with fist protectors, mouth guard, and other protective equipment. Please ask during the next session about what equipment is acceptable as there are major differences and our club subscribes to the same equipment form factor as the International Olympic Committee Karate representative – the ‘WKF’. Protective equipment is readily available on Amazon. I understand many other local (martial art) clubs offer fancy equipment or gear bags full of goodies right on sight however $1200 to $2500 markup clearly violates ethical codes for traditional karate instructors. 

I’m also asking that our 3rd season beginners acquire non-metallic rubber Sai (black only please). Sai training and Sai kata will help you all gain hand eye coordination and additional dexterity with the hands and feet as well as acquaint students with basic (ancient) weapons. Rubber Sai are readily available on Amazon.

A reminder for our beginners, view the following YouTube video to follow along with for training Kata. The links below cover your first 3 kata.

1. Fukyu Kata dai Ichi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ7d595lKio

2. Gekisai dai Ichi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDCQUX3R0l8

    – (and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML_3tjIShM8)

3. Gekisai dai Ni – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7FafG3rsYE

Next Sunday, June 19 and the following Sundays until July 3rd, we will have outdoor training on the grass. That part being said, again, please let me know what day in August and which location (Montara or Capitola) you prefer for our SUMMER BEACH TRAINING after I return from Japan.

Finally, we still have certificates for the following individuals: Sarah, Stacie, Jaime, Daniel and Steve as well as revised hard cop for Kevin and Alexandra. if you can, please come out next Monday, Wednesday or this Sunday, it would be great to see you.–