Karate Training under the big tree!

From the roots to the fruits and back again, this Saturday August 15th we’ll have training under the big tree, beginning at 11:00 am, next to the Cupertino Senior Center in the park across the street from the entrance of De Anza College. The standard participation fee applies.

The GPS location is 37.323167, -122.045056 and the map plus code is 8XF3+7X Cupertino, California. This is a grassed area in the shade under the big tree easily visible from Stevens Creek Blvd.

Everyone must wear a mask at all times, follow social distance protocols and have their temperature checked before and after training. Your mutual respect is appreciated.

Look for the orange cones. Each session is 50 minutes covering the following subjects:

  1. Session One (1) – 11:00 am. Basics, Kumite footwork, Kata Sanchin.
  2. Session Two (2) – 12:00 noon. Fukyu Kata & Kihon Kata Gekisai Ichi & Ni, Tensho & Saifa.
  3. Session Three (3) – 1:00 pm. Kata Seiunchin, Sanseiru, Kururunfa & Anan.
  4. Session Four (4) – 2:00 pm. Sai Kata (Kobudo / Kobujutsu).

Please park in the Cupertino Senior Center parking lot. Questions for training or what to bring or what to expect:

  • Wear your Do-gi and belt. 
    • Top exchangeable for a T-shirt. It will be hot out.
  • Bring:
    • water,
    • a sweat towel.
  • The Senior Center restrooms are closed however the park restrooms are open.
    • Bring hand sanitizer!
  • You may use a Yoga mat during training if you wish.
    • Shoes are optional.
      • Please bring wipes for your feet after training.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Everyone must wear a mask during training at all times. 
  • There is no physical contact with others outside of your own household.
    • Sorry, no Kumite or Kakie Keiko.
  • Everyone will have their temperature (touchless infrared) checked before and after training. 
  • Please be prepared to answer a Covid statement and sign the consent for training.
  • Bring your Sai if you have them for session Four (4).