7.7.22 Seiwakai Karate Sillicon Valley in Japan, July 2022 Thursday

Today we train at the Omagari Gymnasium which is located adjacent to the Omagari Budokan. Unfortunately the Budokan is still being used by the local community for PCR testing. Next year (if foreigners are allowed to come to Japan for conventions) we must remind members to bring tape for the sensitive soles of their feet because, the floors of the Omagari gymnasium are brutal.

This year I was prepared and had at least enough tape for day one. I’ll visit the drugstore Tsuruha Drug Wakatakecho (ツルハドラッグ 若竹町店) which is up the street from Gran Mart and Seiwakai Honbu Dojo.

Sorry there are no pictures today. From bow in to bow out I worked on my basics and kata as I decided, that although I’m not particularly excited about the JKF Gojukai grading I should still participate, as I am registered and I don’t want to make myself nor our organization look bad.