7.11.22 Seiwakai Karate Silicon Valley in Japan July 2022 Monday

Thunder and lightning oh my!

Today our training was again at the Kamioka Gymnasium. The side doors of the facility beautifully look over lush fields of rice where they eventually meet the mountain’s edge.

After a break for lunch, we return to training to drill more kata, going further into the nuances of both technique and performance. There is a certain feeling of increased high humidity as everyone fights the heat in an attempt to cool themselves, however this is merely a moment of DeJa’Vu for those of us who’ve attended training in the region in the past. It means the rain is about to begin.

The video above was filmed shortly after a loud boom from lightning where one of the attendees (whose name shall not be mentioned) dropped into a fighting posture and quickly scanned the room for danger before realizing he wasn’t in New York or San Francisco…….