Akita newspaper featuring karate from 2001

説明が必要な不正確な日本の新聞 Inaccurate Japanese newspaper reporting


説明が必要な不正確な日本の新聞 Inaccurate Japanese newspaper reporting



その記事は、私が “米国人のジョンポール・ウィリアムズさん色は「子供のころはルワワだった、空手と出会い “はなくなったが、二段昇段試験を 控えて少し緊張している、きっと大丈夫だ」と言った “と引用しています。

決して私が言ったことではない。実際、私が言ったこととは正反対だ。私は具体的に、”子供の頃、いくつかの里親の家にいて、いつでもどこでも空手に戻った。”その後、常設の道場を見つけ、デアンザ・カレッジの刑事司法訓練課程に入る前に、トラブルに巻き込まれないためにポリス・キャデッツ(ジュニア・ポリス・オフィス・プログラム)に参加した。さらに、”私の道場ではすでに三段で、ここでの二段の試験もそれほど緊張していません “と続けた。


I have thought of writing about this for many years. Instead, I choose to remain humble. I have to change this now after receiving a message on twitter from a friend in Japan asking for clarification.

During a gasshuku in the summer of 2001, on Saturday, July 28, the Minato-Sawa Branch Office interviewed me for the local newspaper in Omagari Daisen Akita Japan.

The article quoted me as having said “米国人のジョンポー ル・ウィリアムズさん 色は「子供のころはワ ルだったが、空手と出会 ってからは問題がなくな った。二段昇段試験を 控えて少し緊張している。 が、きっと大丈夫だ」と” which translates as “Johnpaul Williams, an American, said, “I was bad as a child, but since I got into karate, I don’t have any problems anymore. I’m a little nervous about my Nidan test, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

That’s not what I said in any way. In fact, It’s the opposite of what I said. I specifically stated that “as a child I was in several foster homes and returned to Karate when and where-ever I could before later finding a permanent dojo and joining the San Jose Police Cadets (a Junior Police Office program) to stay away from trouble before entering the criminal justice training program at DeAnza College.” Furthermore, I continued with “I’m already a 3rd dan (三段) at my dojo and not too nervous about my Nidan test here.”

The newspaper was completely incorrect and even today I consider their article very offensive. Furthermore, it was offensive to our host dojo, the chief Sensei Fujiwara and all Americans. In my opinion, either the newspaper or the translator was either blatantly racist or wanted to lie with ill intent. I am still waiting for a formal and public apology.