SKSV March / April 2023 for new and returning club members

SKSV March / April 2023 for new and returning club members

By Johnpaul Williams – March 28, 2023

Welcome back to training and for those new, congratulations on your start. We generally try to send out group email approximately two times per year. However, with the new influx it seems we should send a message out with the new session having just started. In the message below, I’ll include links instead of PDF’s so not to bog down anyone’s email with a vast number of documents. See you all at the next training session.

Menlo Park registration:
To make it a little easier, we’ve put the links into one blog post on our website at – to register for class if you haven’t done so already. Menlo Park recreation tracks our training participants which allows us to continue our community program. You can also go directly to the Menlo Park site at:
Beginner’s guide and vocabulary:
Although elementary, this guide or ‘white sheet’ should help new students gain a better understanding of all those strange words and vocabulary we use in class. We’re in the process of re-writing the doc as a paperback for distribution (via Amazon) for other Gojuryu Karate Dōjō who have been disenfranchised from the Japan based organizations. I’ll bring an updated of the PDF version for class through the remainder of March and April training – GOJURYU KARATE BASIC JAPANESE VOCABULARY
Purchasing your first Dō-g (keiko-gi):
There are two primary resources we recdommend for procuring your dō-gi (training uniform / keiko-gi).
1. KI international” is the exclusive US distributor of our standard Orange LabelMugen” dō-gi found here –
If your choose to have chest embroidery, the correct kanji characters for Seiwakai are: 誠和会
2. Dō-gi (Keiko-gi) are also carried locally next door to our annex training location in Japantown at:
Nichi Bei Bussan
140 Jackson St.
San Jose 95112
Japan 2023 Seminar, Training and Dan testing:
We have posted the information regarding this years Japan training in Akita (Daisen / Omagari) and the following week in Osaka. All grades are welcome to participate. Please see the blog post at – Please send a message and let us know if you plan to attend either the Seiwakai only seminar in Akita, the JKF Gojukai seminar in Japan or both. Also, if you plan to compete in the JKF Gojukai Taikai / shiai (competition)!!! By the way – 2024 is the 50th JKF Gojukai Taikai and will be held in Okinawa 🙂
  • Toronto Canada 2023 seminar: The Canadian Spring JKF Gojukai  gasshuku (seminar) and shinsa (testing) with Fujiwara Shuseki Shihan is this weekend March 30th to April 2nd. Thats the bad news. The good news is
      • Next year (2024) the Canadian Spring seminar will be in Vancouver and likely the same weekend (March / April) and we will bring Fujiwara from Japan again.
  • Los Angeles 2023 seminar: This years JKF Gojukai Los Angeles gasshuku (seminar) and shinsa (testing) will be at Vassie Naidoo’s Dōjō in Westwood again, November 10th to 12th. two weeks before Thanksgiving (November 23rd) weekend. Please plan appropriately.
At home training:
Never trust the mirror and always trust the video! When training at home please go beyond using a mirror and turn on that supercomputer we keep in our pockets. The mirror image you see moves with you therefore it is near impossible to adequate gauge your technique and precision. Turn on video and cast back to your big screen to really help identify where you can make improvements. Visit for an extended read of why.

A good tool to follow along for supplemental at home training and to follow along with your basic Kata. The links below cover your first 3 kata.

Grading and tests:
Participation in grading is not mandatory to participate in the class, however it is highly recommended. Grading requires club members to challenge themselves thus helping each establish and reach goals.
SKSV WhatsApp and media pages:
Please check in or leave a review at the services below if you have a moment some time.
JKF Gojukai Newsletter
Our Japan Headquarter Office sends out a Newsletter two times a year. Many organizations don’t disseminate information on a regular basis, and we are fortunate our group is so well connected to the Ministry of Education Japan, the Japan Karate-do Federation, and the World Karate Federation. You can visit the blog for the full document and converted JPG’s (images) at –
Have a great week and feel free to ask questions.