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Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō

Territorial Possessiveness in the Dōjō All Gojuryu Network (www.gojuryu.network) & SKSV (Gojuryu.net) cross-post By Johnpaul Williams - Feb 13, 2024 Introduction "At our club in the 1990s, I wasn't the 'King of the Dōjō'—that was a tacit moniker reserved for our Shihan (Sensei). I was the Big Man on Campus (BMOC)

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Karate: The Dynamic Harmony of Budo and Bujutsu

Introduction: In the rich tapestry of Japanese martial arts, Karate emerges as a captivating fusion of Budo and Bujutsu—two philosophies that shape its essence. Delving into the intricate balance of personal development and combat prowess, this exploration unravels the layers of Karate's journey from its roots in traditional Okinawan martial

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武道の指導系統 – A Brief Comparative Hierarchical Structure of Karate Leadership

The concept of the Karate chain of command embodies a structured system of authority and responsibility within the Karate organization. It serves as the guiding force directing and overseeing the actions of individuals within the martial arts community. This hierarchical framework establishes a clear line of authority, communication, and responsibility,

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